Hello, I’m Nayla!

Certified Human Design Analyst, Coach, and Senior Teacher.


Growing up, I was always curious about life and its hidden aspects. I always felt there was more to life than the mundane. Having lived in many places and experienced different cultures from a young age, my curiosity grew and was constantly taken to new levels. I moved to Holland 34 years ago, where I got married, brought up my children, and built my professional life. Having always had a fascination for humans and their behavior, I went from working as a Business Consultant and Systems Analyst to diving into the world of Human Design. I became a certified professional in the field and started teaching and coaching and set up my own institute for Human Design. My career in the Human Design field was enriching and satisfying.

My partner Herman and I were navigating life and work perfectly when he passed away almost 7 years ago. That is when my life took a turn, forcing me to stop and look at my truth. Read more

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My message to you

Each human is designed uniquely. Throughout our journey together, I empower you to be aligned with who you are by being true to your inner values. By being your authentic self, you can manifest the life you want.

Trying to find your way shouldn’t be a struggle. With the right tools, we can guide your soul to follow its path to the highest good. When I am asked what Human Design can give, my answer is that it can end unnecessary suffering. Having the tools to be aligned with oneself allows us to take the optimal decisions, de-condition the not-self, and start living from that place of love and acceptance of ourselves.

I will accompany you on your spiritual journey and give you the guidance you need, using your individual design as a base. Together, we will also work on your de-conditioning by looking at the layers of your not-self, or by bringing awareness to it. I will then release you into this world more grounded in your talents, and aligned with your design and true purpose.

What I do

My mission

My work (or should I say our work together) goes far beyond the theoretical knowledge and application of Human Design.

I have decided to return to work and contribute to the field of Human Design. With Herman, we founded the Institute of Human Design. Its aim was to represent Human Design in the Netherlands for Ra, and Jovian archive. Throughout the years, we organized many workshops, with many senior teachers and Ra himself, I personally analyzed many clients’ charts and coached them, as well as educated and certified many students and analysts & Living Your Design guides.

My plan was not to stop for so long. But I followed my own body and authority and waited to be “called” again by HD, as I was at the beginning of it all. The wait to be called again was scary from a mental perspective, but my whole being was aware that I had to go back to a zero point, a full reset. I therefore patiently waited it out.

While I was busy doing my inner work, life has become much more challenging for individuals, families, and professionals. We are many months into the challenge of what we are told is our “new normal”. Adapting to this new world by having to make crucial decisions for ourselves and our families, working from home, increasing fears and anxieties, our doubts, and the challenges of anchoring ourselves deeply in our own bodies, are a lot to take in. Knowing who you are, following your own inner authority, and making the right choices, have therefore become crucial to our survival.

I feel the time has come for me to serve, support, empower, guide, and help people achieve their full potential.

I came back wiser, stronger, and with a mission. Through the wisdom gained from experience, I am following my true purpose. Using Human Design charts as a tool, I seek to serve others and the collective with an intimate transformation. Charts are my foundation to help you be aligned with who you are and achieve your full potential. This gives me the opportunity to impact the collective and contribute to making the world a safer place.

What I want to do is take people on a journey. Guide them where needed, bring them to the places where they can create experiences and live them in complete alignment with themselves.

I knew I had to take complete distance from teaching and theoretical doctrines and carve my own path and truth. What is currently happening in the world and the challenges I see people going through, make me more passionate about my desire to contribute. I am here to guide and support you through the choices to take, to follow your own inner authority, and the necessity to anchor and align in order to move forward. Ra worked for these times and for these challenges the world is going through. When alignment is so essential for our survival, our children’s survival, and our grandchildren’s survival, we no longer have a choice.


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