Growing up, I was always curious about life and its hidden aspects. I always felt there was more to life than the mundane. Having lived in many places and experienced different cultures from a young age, my curiosity grew and was constantly taken to new levels. I moved to Holland 34 years ago, where I got married, brought up my children, and built my professional life. Having always had a fascination for humans and their behavior, I went from working as a Business Consultant and Systems Analyst to diving into the world of Human Design. I became a certified professional in the field and started teaching and coaching and set up my own institute for Human Design. My career in the Human Design field was enriching and satisfying.

My partner Herman and I were navigating life and work perfectly when he passed away almost 7 years ago. That is when my life took a turn, forcing me to stop and look at my truth.

At that moment, and for 7 years after that, I stopped teaching Human Design and giving readings. Instead, I started diving into my own process. Although you could say I left Human Design on the side, what I was doing was actually deepening my own experience within the field. I was in search of deep healing, and a deeper connection with my body. During that time, I met other teachers who helped me heal, recover, and de-condition profoundly anchored beliefs. Going through that process helped me get in deeper touch with my own body, my inner authority, and align with my own path. I plunged myself into the world of powerful spiritual creation and changed my life radically.

It was on a regular morning in 2020 that I opened my windows, and finally felt the clarity I was craving. After years of looking for a place to settle after Herman’s death, my mind and body were clear. I was going to settle in France. My emotional authority was clear, I was clear. “Why would I settle down anywhere else?”. I had reached a point of full emotional clarity. It was so obvious to me that I was surprised I had not been able to make a decision for so long.

Whereas my whole entourage was moving back to be close to their children, I moved to our holiday home in France in August 2020. It was a hard decision to leave the country where I had lived 34 years, brought up my children, and built my whole life. In retrospect, it looks like a completely crazy scenario. And yet, I knew my body and emotional clarity had to be trusted – after all, my inner authority is emotional.

It felt like I had come full circle. At a time in life where most are getting ready to retire, here I was (and am) getting ready for a new life, in service. A life in a new place, a life I created for myself.

Soon after that decision was taken, the call to go back into coaching and giving Human Design analysis in support of people became louder. All throughout my life, I was mysteriously called strongly into situations and actions – having a 6/2 profile. After a long cycle of learning outside of the human design field, and thinking I would never go back, I was in that passionate place again. For the first time in my life, I experienced a reawakening, a possibility to feel the same call again, to get the energy, response, and clarity, to re-engage into the same field.

At this very moment, I am re-engaging with YOU. I am fully ready to take individuals on the same frequency on their path towards alignment, with their unique design. Having been through my 6/2 maturation, Chiron return, Chiron the healer and the healed, I am back wiser. I have explored the depth of life, observed how the de-conditioning process worked through in my life, more connected, grounded, and equipped to bring and share my life’s work.

It led me to where I am today. What I went through and the depth of it, my own healing, as well as my wide understanding of humans and how they are designed, are my strengths. Through my journey, I offer you the fruit of this acquired wisdom and a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships.

Enriched by this period of “retreat”, I chose to dedicate the rest of my life to giving back to life in service to others. My life experiences combined with following my own path gave me the tools I need to create the life I want. I am eager to share these tools with those who are ready.

It is my belief that Human Design should not be taken literally and theoretically. It is to be used for the higher good.

Because each and every one of you is unique, I choose to take your Human Design chart and go the extra mile with it. I go beyond theoretical knowledge and choose to observe and analyze. Without projecting, I speak to you and teach you with stories. I assist people at a crossroads in life based on real-life situations I have seen and experienced. I assist them with wisdom, experience, and knowledge, to guide them for a specific time period until they are ready to fly alone.

I work with individuals (be it for their personal or professional life), but also families, couples, mothers/children, fathers/children, and any relationship that could be meaningful to you. I help you thrive and pull each other up.

By helping you be in your body and focus your mind on what is right for you, as well as opening your heart, I believe you can live the life you were truly meant to live. Life doesn’t have to be suffering. I accompany you through the journey to your higher and aligned self.

I give courses that can teach you how to live your design, as well as upgrade your relationships using others’ designs.

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Using guidance through your chart, resources, and other significant tools, I accompany you through the journey to your higher and aligned self.

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