The Reading of Human Design By Nayla was really accurate and gave me a lot of insights into who I am, how I function, and how to become my best version. The way we then could go deeper into my shadow Parts By playing The C2C game was really an eyeopener. It was a fun way of exploring and finding answers. The combination of the C2C game with the Human Design Reading has helped me to achieve a profound insight into my personality. If you are looking for answers or want to dive in deep, Nayla Will guide you in a very soft way. It has been a wonderful Experience.


Nayla guided me through my human design chart with joy and ease. She allowed me to become aware of my unique gifts and core qualities and how they are weaving into my personal script. She holds space for awareness, understanding and knowing which assisted me into more of who I am and can become.


What a gift to know your true self! My sessions with Nayla have shown me the way to my true potential. She empowers me every day to live my design and create the life that is most aligned with who I was born to be.

I have experienced the “chances to change” game as very special.
Nayla guides you In such a beautiful way, through the texts and pictures on the cards towards your subconscious mind, where all the answers lie, and why you are holding unto certain blockages.
These are exactly the keys to healing.
Nayla does this very lovingly, with respect and skill. Even if there are fellow players, this has an extra healing effect because you resonate with the information that the other person receives. You strengthen each other enormously.
You also feel that you mean and contribute a lot to the bigger collective during the game. I recommend this “game” to everyone to experience it even if you don’t like games like me.
Thank you Nayla
In addition to a few coaching sessions with Nayla, I played the transformation game.
Wow! What a powerful beautiful experience. So much is happening on so many levels.
Truly magical. By finding answers to questions yourself and getting feedback or unexpectedly feeling in your body, really surprising things came conscious.
But also real deep shifts by also working with “ask and intent” (Caroline Cory). Really beautiful. Nayla makes a very nice sacred space to go full into the depths. Expanding
Confronting and deepening. I have sunk and present so much more in my body since then.

J ai eu le plaisir de faire une seance avec Nayla en Avril fe cette année alors que j étais déjà engagée sur un chemin de recentrage de moi-même depuis quelques années via diverses méthodes.
Cette séance a amené de l eau à mon moulin: je savais déjà que j étais spontanée, fédératrice ou ouverte à l inconnu mais j avais sous-évalué mon intuition que je travaille d autant plus après cet échange avec Nayla car EFFECTIVEMENT c est un pouvoir certain que j avais mésestimé.
Au plan émotionnel, même chose, elle m a permis de réaliser certains aspects importants de moi même auxquels je n avais juste pas prété attention.
Bref! Cette séance et échange ouvert avec Nayla a été une super expérience qui m a permis d avancer un peu plus encore et je travaille encore sur ces aspects méconnus jusque là! Encore un grand merci Nayla!